Vision Statement

Provide our customers and industry partners with industry-leading technology, innovation, and service that will disrupt the status quo and re-define the future of blow molding applications.

Mission Statement

Uniloy is a leader in the manufacture and service of the highest quality blow molding technologies. Our passion for innovation and quality is at the very core of our organization. We strive to distinguish ourselves through our unmatched commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Core Values

  • Passion and Ownership – We believe in an empowered workforce. Our Uniloy team members are our most valuable asset – we employ the most passionate and knowledgeable team in the plastics industry. Uniloy is a great place to work!
  • Customer Commitment – Our job isn’t complete once a customer takes delivery of a machine, service visit or part. Uniloy is committed to the ongoing success of our customers.
  • Focus on Quality – The entire Uniloy team is committed to ensuring only the highest quality product leaves our facilities. On-time, in full, every time.
  • Integrity and Respect – We promise to treat all customers, employees, and suppliers with the utmost respect, integrity, and honesty in everything we do.
  • Environmental and Social Citizenship – We’re committed to producing the most energy-efficient machinery and equipment. Our technologies and manufacturing processes focus greatly on reducing waste, including; resin, water, and energy consumption. Uniloy actively participates in supporting the local community and charitable initiatives.


Uniloy and the Environment

Environmental stewardship and environmental sustainability are not hollow phrases at Uniloy. The efficient and responsible usage of plastics, as well as electricity, water, and other natural resources, are at the forefront of all machines and molds developed and manufactured by Uniloy.

At Uniloy, we share in the responsibility to protect our environment. Our machines and molds produce plastic products such as food and beverage packaging, medical devices, parts for automotive and industrial applications, and so much more. We firmly believe in the power of plastics to enrich lives by producing durable, safe, and, where applicable lightweight products, reducing the amount of plastic used. Uniloy is also actively participating in the development and testing of naturally recurring alternative materials. However, we also recognize that we must also work to ensure those plastic parts have minimal waste, scrap and maximize the use of recycled material or environmentally friendly alternative materials.

Uniloy is incredibly proud to be at the forefront of bio-resin and post-consumer resin (PCR) testing in the blow molding industry. Uniloy has a state-of-the-art laboratory (Uniloy University) by facilitating trials, testing, training, and education. Three of our four different blow molding machine technologies (continuous extrusion shuttle, reciprocating screw, injection blow) are available to test these groundbreaking resins – no other blow molding machine manufacture can claim this honor. The laboratory and expert on-site processors are available for our customers, suppliers, and material development companies to test and verify real-world performance.


These are the three fundamental tenets of our environmental protection policy


  • Develop industry-leading technologies with environmental sustainability top of mind, ensuring the most efficient use of plastic, water, electricity, and other natural resources.
  • Partner with leaders in the bio-resin and PCR industry.
  • Become an active participant in a meaningful way to a more circular economy.
  • Promote testing in the most diverse laboratory for blow molding machinery in the world.
  • Partner with our customers to share learnings and best practices to ensure the most efficient use of resin and reduce or eliminate waste where possible.


  • Sustainable thinking and action are paramount in our internal manufacturing processes.
  • When selecting suppliers in the development and manufacture of our products, we utilize a green rating scale, ensuring our vendors are as dedicated to environmental concerns as we are.
  • Ensuring our facilities and waste management operate with a reduce, reuse, and recycling mentality and ensure infrastructure is in place at all Uniloy locations worldwide.


  • Ensuring all employees are well versed in the organization’s environmental sustainability practices and goals.
  • Empowering our employees to “think green” and have the power and ability to enact green policies and practices.
  • Engage with our local communities at the grassroots level to participate and support environmental-focused community initiatives.
  • Educating the public about the benefits of responsible plastics usage and proper recycling practices.