Uniloy UR Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machine
Industry-leading Reciprocating Blow Molding Technology


The Uniloy UR Series is an advanced Reciprocating Screw intermittent-extrusion blow molding technology. The UR Series is the preferred choice of molders globally for high volume production of lightweight monolayer and three-layer containers, at the lowest possible cost per container.

Ideal for HDPE and PP containers with capabilities of processing other materials. Foil seal or standard closures. Handle and non-handleware. Multi-layer and Clean-Blow™ systems are ideal for extended shelf life packaging of dairy, edible oils, juices, household chemicals, and other food products.


Typical applications include:

  • Dairy product containers
  • Edible oils
  • Water, juice and drink containers
  • Food containers
  • Household chemical containers
  • Automotive products
  • Recreational products


In most cases, a packaging system requires more than just a blow molding machine. That’s why Uniloy offers total turn-key solutions that can include everything from resin handling to conveyors, trimming, and scrap handling. We can even help with container design, mold design, plant design, and start-up. Uniloy offers processors a choice of machine configurations to match trimming requirements in your application.

We offer three primary systems:

Rotary Trimmer: The simple design of the Uniloy rotary trimmer requires minimal maintenance, yet it enables high-speed operation.

Impact Trimmer: For easy integration into existing processes, and operation at moderate speeds, many processors choose the Uniloy impact trimmer

Spin-Off Trimmer: For non-handled containers, the Uniloy spin-off trimmer is an ideal solution. With a robust, simple design, the spin-off trimmer provides reliable operation and an excellent finished product.


Clean Blow: Designed for high-volume integrated container manufacturing, Uniloy’s clean-blow systems feature sterile blow air sealed bottles, and an enclosed, pressurized clamp area for bacteria-free finished containers in a wide range of styles.

Neck to Neck: Uniloy’s neck-to-neck technology enables simultaneous blowing of two non-handled containers of less than 1 liter. Coupled with the high-speed trimmer, the result is twice the output from a single machine, typically without needing a larger extruder.


UR70 UR90 UR100 UR110
Standard drive horsepower 75 100 150 200
Standard shot size (L/D 28:1) 680 grams 1200 grams 1900 grams 2600 grams
Throughput (lbs./hours/kgs./hours) 575 lbs/hour 261 kgs/hour 750 lbs/hour 340 kgs/hour 1100 lbs/hour 499 kgs/hour 1250 lbs/hour 567 kgs/hour


  • Clamp: “Rotac” energy-efficient toggle design with full lock-up
  • Fast but safe low force closing action
  • Rigid construction with a minimum of 4 tie bars
  • Precise mold alignment Adjustable clamp “daylight”
  • Central Manual Lube with Distribution Blocks and Zerk Plate
  • Plated Front and Center Platens
  • Low pressure/low-speed mold set-up feature
  • Swinging arm take out assembly with pivot head tip out and vertical adjustment


  • B & R machine control with 128M flash memory
  • 24 VDC supply voltage
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbit interfaces
  • 2x RS232 Interface, modem compatible
  • UP to 1G central memory
  • Cycle timer
  • Operator control panel w/15 inch B&R color touch screen