The NEW UCS.E All-Electric Shuttle machine specializes in the production of bottles, containers, and technical parts from 50 ml up to 30 liters.

The UCS.E Shuttle Series provides the benefits of all-electric, modular design, simplified and reliable components, reduced operating costs, and is clean room friendly while not sacrificing performance. The UCS.E Shuttle Series can process virtually all commercial resins enabling you to produce everything from small cosmetic containers to large industrial packaging and co-extrusion capability up to 7 layers and offers guaranteed production time, minimized downtime, lower maintenance costs, easy operation, and consistent product quality.


MODULARITY – The machine’s structure allows the user to adopt various configurations, adding side stations without space limitation. The user can choose through a wide range of clamping forces, strokes, and neck cutting force to customize the machine based on application.

VERSATILITY – The machine is capable of producing plastic containers from 50 ml to 30 L in volume and has the ability to process most common resins on the market. Our machine features include multi-layer capability, in-mold labeling, and aseptic blowing.

PERFORMANCE – The UCS’s high-quality and reliable components together with a brand new motion design assure incredible reliability combined with high-performance cycle times while achieving efficient resin consumption (0,27 kWh/kg of plastic extruded) and low maintenance. The use of a zero-backlash precision gearbox, driven by an AC brushless actuator with an absolute encoder, ensures unmatched repeatability. The new touch HMI interface with its intuitive guidelines for operators and a statistic processing control to keep production and machine parameters under control are sure to improve performance benchmarks.

MAINTENANCE – Easy to perform maintenance and ease of use is a significant focus of the new UCS. With the new design, users will appreciate the improved design making it easier to perform routine maintenance. Users will also notice the reduced number of spare parts needed in stock.


  • Household and Personal Care Packaging
  • Lubricant, Chemical, and Petrochemical Packaging
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications and Packaging
  • Technical Applications
  • Dairy, Water, and Juices



A blow molding machine’s user interface is often overlooked or an afterthought for many – that is certainly not the case with the new HMI control system for our UCS Shuttle lineup. Our intuitive and easy-to-use system is the brain of these powerful machines. Our control interface system is optimized to ensure fast, secure, convenient, and intuitive daily operation. Our custom-designed GUI was designed to optimize your blow molding operations, all while maximizing the reliability and adaptability of your Uniloy machine



Multilayer molding improves a container’s permeability properties and enhances the container’s performance by adding strength, heat resistance, opacity/light blocking, and shelf stability of the container’s contents. The  Uniloy UCS machine can achieve up to 7 layers.


In-Mold Labelling often referred to as IML, is the application of a label(s) that takes place in the mold. The IML label is inserted into the mold during the blow molding process; the molten polymer fuses with the in-mold label on one or both sides. The result is a labeled part, produced in one step, eliminating the need for label application in your downstream IML packages.


A view stripe on a blow-molded part allows end-users to easily see the amount of product (food, chemical, etc.) inside the bottle via a translucent strip molded into the part. The Uniloy UCS is a proven platform for achieving precise view stripes and is adjustable (left/right) without dismounting any part.


Uniloy UCS Shuttle machines are capable of molding a wide range of Inclined Neck bottles. Often used for a wide range of container designs and particularly for cleaning products, this specialized design provides the ability to reach and clean surfaces with difficult angles such as toilet bowls.


Uniloy offers an aseptic upgrade option equipping the UCS with special technologies and filters to produce medical, food, and beverage products, resulting in sterile containers.


The all-electric UCS is cleanroom ready and manufactured to precise standards to comply with medical manufacturing regulations. Uniloy’s combination of precisely configured blow molding technology and all-electric operation ensures your operations achieve the highest quality standards.