Parts and Expertise
Uniloy Services maintains an extensive inventory of replacement parts for all Uniloy machines. Not only is Uniloy Services the single source for all these parts, but our technical support staff’s extensive experience with virtually every Uniloy machine ever built helps ensure you get the part, or combination of parts, you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Anticipating Your Needs
Years of experience and close contact with customers combined with our state-of-the-art inventory control and reordering system ensures that the parts you are most likely to need are readily available. Approximately 70% of all orders ship complete on the same day that they are received, while well over 90% of the most commonly used parts are on hand and available for immediate shipment. We are also in the unique position of having both the knowledge and documentation necessary to develop spare parts packages tailored to each machine, application, and budget, so you can have replacements of wear parts on hand when needed.

Uniloy Services is committed to a pricing policy that equates price to customer value. We are able to leverage our buying power as an OEM with our extensive vendor network to offer our customers competitive pricing. We also offer quantity discounts and blanket order terms which encourage planned purchases and high usage.

Productivity Enhancements and Machine Rebuilds
As time passes, needs change, and technology advances. Uniloy Services is here to support you with engineered packages to reconfigure your machine or update it with state-of-the-art technology.

These factory-approved packages include:

  • Retrofitting machines for additional cavitation or changing applications.
  • Enhancing older machines with state-of-the-art componentry to increase productivity and performance.

Depending upon the extent of the work to be done, we can either retrofit your machine in the field or rebuild it at Uniloy in Tecumseh, Michigan.

Machine Line Parts Books
Machine Line parts books are available for all Uniloy Machine Lines. These books include parts lists with engineered assembly drawings to easily identify individual machine components.

Remanufacture or Replace?
In high unit cost parts, a simple replacement is not always the best choice. We offer remanufacturing services to refurbish major components to operate like new. If needed, rental components are sometimes available to maintain production during the remanufacturing process.